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Haworth Teachers 1974-1978
First Maiden Last St Department Status
Wilma Allen Ball FL Home Arts  
Inez/Pat Alsup FL Guidance  
Doug Arnold IN Social Studies  
Martha Ash Guidance  
John Baer IN Guidance  
Rhoda Barkman IN Home Arts  
John Bingaman IN Athletic Director  
John Bond IN English  
Randy Brugh Music  
David Brumbaugh IN Foreign Lang/Spanish Deceased
Ronald Burkhalter IN Industrial Arts  
Elizabeth Calhoun Social Studies  
Jim Callane IN Physical Education  
Barbara Cameron Edwards FL English  
Henry Campbell Science/Biology  
Harold Canady IN Dean of Boys  
Bruce Carter IN Social Studies  
Paul Carter IN Mathematics  
Kathy Cofield IN Art  
Mal Cofield IN Physical Education  
Gary Cox IN English  
Harold Cox IN Physical Education  
Gloria Crable IN Social Studies  
Mary Craig Attendance Deceased
Steve Daily IN English  
Richard Donovan IN Physical Education  
Diana Douglas Business  
Rita Downey IN Business  
Terry Downham IN Mathematics  
Robert Dunlap IN Mathematics  
Robert Durr Science/Chemistry  
Ross Dwiggins FL Physical Education  
Jonathan Ellers IN Ass't Principal: Activities  
Constance Ellsworth IN English  
Beverly Evans IN Home Arts  
Richard Evans IN Art  
Jan Fenn FL Co-op  
Marilyn Friedrich Fox IN Physical Education  
Mark Geary IN Liaison Officer  
Virginia Glentzer IN English  
Ruth Golightly IN Media Center  
Ruth Gosma Media Center  
Malinda Grant IN Foreign Lang/French  
Lisa Griffin Dum IN Physical Education  
Ruth Heaton English  
George Hiatt IN Mathematics  
Linda Holder McAshlan OH English  
Donald Holihan IN Ass't Principal: Curriculum  
Joan Holman IN Dean of Girls Deceased
Alma Hubbel Dinsmore IN Home Arts  
Al Jones IN Music  
William Jones Social Studies  
Ed Kammeyer IN Guidance  
Bill Keaffaber IN Physical Education  
Daniel Keating Science/Chemistry  
J Allan Kendall IN English  
William Kinslow IN Mathematics  
Willis Knipe IN Mathematics  
David Koehler Music  
Larry Koenig IN Mathematics  
Alice Kolanko IN Mathematics  
Neil Kunkle Industrial Arts  
Joseph Landis IN Social Studies  
Annette LaRowe IN Home Arts  
Earl Lees IN Guidance  
Gale Leiter IN Foreign Lang/German  
Joy Loop IN Attendance  
Ralph Lowden IN Industrial Arts  
Susan Lybrook Phillips IN English  
Robert Mann IN Science/Biology  
Mark Massariu IN Physical Education  
Dave Massey IN Social Studies  
Harry McCool IN Principal Deceased
Larry McKinley English  
Tom Melton IN Liaison Officer  
Stanley Merrill MN Business  
Tom Miklik IN Industrial Arts  
Jim Miller Physical Education  
Ann Miles IN English  
Ben Minton IN Business  
Robert/ Bob Mion TX Foreign Lang/Spanish  
Lyle Mitschelen Physical Education  
Allen Moore IN Business  
Kathy Morton Winters OH Physical Education  
Kenneth Munro IN Industrial Arts  
Dan Niles English  
Jim Osborne IN Art  
Charles Pearson Industrial Arts  
Nadine Pearson IN Home Arts  
Robert Pedigo Physical Education  
Richard/Dave Pettay IN Social Studies  
Jane Pickart English  
Donald Priest Audio-visual  
Jean Redman CA Co-op  
Maxine Rich IN English  
John Riggs IN Science/Biology  
Fred Rusk Industrial Arts  
Mike Sandy English  
Don Selke Business  
Max Sheets IN Industrial Arts  
Mary Shipley IN Business  
Mike Shipley IN Special Education  
William Shive Social Studies  
Dan Shockley IN Social Studies  
Sharon Short Home Arts  
Bruce Shuck Social Studies  
Keith Slaughter IN Business  
Ed Slezak Industrial Arts  
Roland Sloan IN Social Studies  
Marian Smith Victor IN Social Studies  
Rick Smith Social Studies  
John Snyder IN English  
James Sondgeroth IN Art  
Glen Steele Music  
Susan Stouse IN English  
Ruth Suter IN Guidance  
James Tappan IN Science  
Nancy Taylor IN Special Education  
Ronald Tetrick IN Foreign LangLatin  
Jack Thompson IN Social Studies  
Walt Thompson IN Physical Education  
Richard Tobias IN Business  
Harry Treber IN Foreign Lang/Spanish  
Bob Turner CO Physical Education  
Roberta Weaver IN nurse  
Dorothy Wilkinson IN Special Education  
Bob Williams IN English  
Jerry Williams Science  
Emily Wilson IN English  
Doyle Younce IN Mathematics Deceased
Dennis Younts IN Industrial Arts  

Do you remember these Haworth administrators and teachers from our school days?

Jim Sondgeroth

Ron Tetrick

Gale Leiter

Dan Keating

Terry Downham

George Hiatt

Dan Niles

Linda Holder / Jane Pickart

Bruce Carter

Joseph Landis

Dan Shockley

Dave Massey

Donald Holihan

Joan Holman

Jonathan Ellers

Susan Stouse and John Ellers (February 7, 2003)

Harry McCool, John Bingaman, Mark Mitzelfelt (February 7, 2003)

Ellen Slifka Hawes, Susan Stouse, Ann Ligocki (February 7, 2003)